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Actually, you dont need an external antenna if you are close enough to
a cell tower. AT&T, Verizon, and other companies now offer a "laptop
connect card".

Yep, I have 40+ consultants with these.

Fact is that it's easy to spot a employee with their own laptop at the
office no matter what card / method they use - and it's still a
violation of company policy - so, FIRED AGAIN.

However, you could keep it hidden inside a briefcase or backpack, and
nobody would EVER be the wiser, as long as you used the SoundFeeder
device I mentioned to transmit the sound to am FM Wallkman radio. It
will be appear to boss that you are listening to one of the local
radio stations.

And the same thing applies to BlackBerry or Palm devices. They could
be hidden in a briefcase, backpack, or desk drawer, using the
afforementioned FM transmitter ot broadcast to any nerby FM radio, and
it will appear to the boss that you are listening to one of the local
radio stations, adn the boss will NEVER be the wiser. Just be sure you
are on an unimited data plan so you dont run up a big bandwidth bill.