Re: Why block web hit counters?

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Ah, but the way that StatCounter operates, the user does not even KNOW
that his or her visit it being logged.

Wrong - you are consuming the users bandwidth, you are accessing their
network, you are a third-party link on the page....

Logging users without their permission is unethical.

It is NO different than logging users in my own firewall logs. When a
user visits ANY web site, he or she should expect to have their visits
logged by SOME logging system.

However, I get all kinds of information on web visitors (if
StatCounter logs it). I also get the "referrer", which tells me if
someone clicked on any links from another page to reach me. For
example, I see in the StatCounter logs hat some web page in China has
linked to me. Since I do not speak Chinese, I do not know what the web
page is about, but it explains why I am getting so many hits from
workplaces in China, Hong Kong, Taiwain, and Mcau, during the workday
there. Had it not been for StatCounter's service, I would not have
known that someone is China is linking to me.

My firewall logs are showing hits from corporate networks all over
China (many not logged with StatCounter), since my site is in English,
it takes a lot of guessing until they find the right button to push
to get to my station, but I am seeing more listenership from
corporate networks in China and Hong Kong during the workday there. My
music programme, when running, is apparently a hit at workplaces in
China, Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan. Methinks I will have to add a
programme of Chinese pop music during the workdays there, to bring in
even more listeners (though such music is hard to find outside of