Re: Why block web hit counters?

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On Sep 14, 1:31 pm, "Sebastian G." <se...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Jens Hoffmann wrote:
ALL it does is
record the user's IP, and the time and date of access, and then send
that to StatCounter's computers.

Without explicit consens of the (end-) user this is illegal.

German/European privacy laws don't apply to the entire world... anyway, how
should some statistical information related to a website, at best
machine-identifying but never personally identifying information be
considered a privacy problem in a lawful context?

And German/European laws also DO NOT APPLY to StatCounter, because
their SERVER are in TEXAS, so they are ONLY subject to the laws of the
UNITED STATES and NOT to German laws. I ran the IP number of their
server through a geonalysis service I have, and it comes back that
StatCounter has its servers based in Houston, Texas. Even though they
are an IRISH company, their SERVERS as in TEXAS, making their content
and service ONLY subject to AMERICAN laws. German laws DO NOT APPLY to
content coming out of a SERVER in TEXAS.