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Corporate network admins really need to get a 'effin grip. Allowing
the hits to any web site to show up in StatCounter, for the webmasters
to examine, is NOT going to undermine the network. Corporate network
admins need to ligthen up a little.

Chilly, you really are a troll. People that run/own networks don't owe
you anything and don't need to allow anything other than what they WANT

Personally, I block all third party items, and that really shows how
unethical some websites are, as their web pages show missing areas -

Using a service like StatCounter is NOT unethical. ALL it does is
record the user's IP, and the time and date of access, and then send
that to StatCounter's computers. The big difference is that I get a
complete geolocation analysis on every visit that IS logged there. It
also get information on what operating system was used, and what web
browser the visitor was using. It is NOT unethical for StatCounter for
gather that information and store it on their servers for webmasters
to retrieve later on. I am using the PAID version of the service, and
expect to get what I paid for.

You really are a hack - the unethical part is that you don't own or
control the networks and have no right to complain about what the
admins/owners of those network permit. Blocking that crap like you
complain about is good - it saves network bandwidth, saves internet
bandwidth, removes an exploit vector, removes tracking information...

It doesn't matter what YOU have/paid/want - the fact is that your added
counts increased bytes that move across the users network and they don't
want it, so they block it, and that's all you get.


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