Why block web hit counters?

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Why would many corporate networks be blocking services that record
hits for web sites. I use StatCounter, and have a piece of code on my
web page that tries to "ping" an address there, which records the hit,
where I can examine the logs later.

Recently, I have found that my firewall logs are recording far more
hits than what statcounter is doing. After investigating this, by
surfing my site thorugh open proxies on corporate networks, I have
figured out that StatCounter, and other services that record web sites
are being blocked on many corporate networks.

Why would they want to block the "ping" that many web sites send to
StatCounter, and other "hit counter' service. Its only a few hundred
bytes, and allowing the pings to go through to the various hit-counter
services are not going to be that much of an impact on the network, so
there is no sense in blocking the ping that many web sites are
configured to send back to the various hit counter services.

It took me a while to figure out what was going on. I am seeing hits
from many corporate networks in the firewall logs that do not show on
on StatCounter, becuase corporate network admins have choen to block
the pings that are sent back to the hit-counter services.

From what I see, my online radio station is a SMASH HIT in Asia. I am
seeing HUNDREDS of hits an hour from corporate networks in Asia, to my
web site, during the workday in Asia. I am seeing hits to my web
site , on port 80, from many corporate networks all over China, Japan,
Korea, and Hong Kong, in the firewall logs, that do not show up in

Corporate network admins really need to get a 'effin grip. Allowing
the hits to any web site to show up in StatCounter, for the webmasters
to examine, is NOT going to undermine the network. Corporate network
admins need to ligthen up a little.