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And no, they can't evade, as any connection to a computer by a data
device will show in the event logs.

How do you turn on and use an event log? My server runs
Windows (becuase Live 365 only supports Windoze),
and I think someone from China is trying to break in through
Remote Desktop, or at least the firewall logs indicate so.
Of course, I have had the Religious Right trying to get me
for years, it is possible they could have attempted to
break in through an unsecured computer in China. Ever
since I broadcast some less-than-flattering commnetary
about one proponent of the now defunct CDA, nearly
12 years ago, they have been trying to get me, because
I regularly slam their agenda, on my online radio talk
show, and have been doing so for over 12 years now.

I logged on to the server and the firewall logs showed
connection attempts from an address from Heilongjiang
province in China to port 3389, which Remote Desktop
uses. I have RD turned on so I can access my server
from anywhere in the world. There is no other way,
that I know of, to remotely access Windows machines,
other than Micorsoft's Remote Desktop facility.


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