Re: Port 1028 in Win XP Pro - do I need an external router?

Mary Sunshine wrote:
I am running a single computer, Compaq Presario R4025CA, with a
broadband (cable) connection under Win XP Pro. I just use the XP
When I go to and use their ShieldsUp, they tell me that my
port 1028 is wide open. I am concerned about intrusions. I can't find
any way to close this port under Win XP. Is there one?

Recheck using some other firewall test.

For example, you can use

To check port 1028, select custom scan, and for your IP from this header command should look something like this

-sS -sU -P0 -p 1028

Do I need to get a hardware firewall (router)?

Router is a good idea.