Re: Netscreen 100 + Zyxel Zywall 10

Jens Hoffmann wrote:

Or am I mistaking how things work with the
Netscreen, and it in itself has to be connected directly to the wall and
neogatiate the connection itself?

No, but I do not understand the addressing in our network.

The netscreen can run in different modes: a) as a router (with or
without NAT) or as bridge.

Now, taking a look at your setup and the ip addressess:

--------- ---------
--a-| DG632 |-b--c-| ns100 |-d-- LAN
--------- ---------

So, what do you want to do here?


Basically the setup that is there, is what I want. It gets rather
complicated after that, as currently I have a PC acting as a server and
router between three other networks.

-f--g- (GigE network)
---------- /
-d--e-| server |-----h--i- (wireless)
---------- \
-j--k- (main wired network)

Network on the internal network side to the server (currently) is