Re: Netscreen 100 + Zyxel Zywall 10

Jens Hoffmann wrote:

Huh? I thought it was just a LAN connection from your connecting device
direct to the untrusted port on the Netscreen.

It is.

I was just going to put my router into 'Modem' mode (where it doesn't use
its inbuilt firewall and just lets all traffic through), connect it to
the untrusted port on the Netscreen and set it up to do all the firewall

You do not have an authentication on our internet line? Then it'll work
fine. (Thought you mentioned ADSL, here you have to authenticate with
pppoe, when using ADSL, in .at it's pppoa, IIRC).


Sorry, yes we do have authentication on the line. It uses pppoa here.

I just assumed that because of the LAN connection being an untrusted RJ45
connection, it would connect to whatever network appliance you use to
connect to the internet (in my case a Netgear DG632 ADSL Router, but I
thought it could be connected to potentially anything).

If I let the Netgear ADSL router handle the internet authentication and
connection, and just put it into 'dumb mode' where it will let all traffic
pass from its internal connection directly to the untrusted port on the
Netscreen, can I just put the Netscreen into a mode where it will accept
this traffic and deal with it? Or am I mistaking how things work with the
Netscreen, and it in itself has to be connected directly to the wall and
neogatiate the connection itself?