Re: Comodo firewall conflict with ADSL modem?

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I've been tearing my hair out for days, with much assistance from my
ISP. My internet connection seems to work for a while then just freeze.
Sometimes rebooting the Dynalink RTA100 ADSL modem helps but not very
often. I decided that the modem must have a component that fails as it
warms up...logical?
Then I decided to go back to Sygate firewall and I uninstalled Comodo
Firewall and BOclean. Suddenly, everything appears to be working
normally again.
Does anybody have any thoughts on the matter? I can't find any options
in Comodo that could be to blame so I am at a loss to explain it.

Glad to see that you took my advice and asked your question in this
newsgroup. Like I said previously, you'll get support here for not
using a so-called 'software firewall'. Stick around a while. Sebastian G.
means well, he'd just got a funny way of saying that "all software
firewalls are broken by design" - meaning "How can software running
on your machine protect the same machine?".

I was a great believer in software firewalls myself before I came here.
A *hardware* firewall is a totally different concept.

Thanks Alan,
I still can't understand why newsgroups are so full of
sarcastic smart arses? We are here, by definition, to share our
knowledge and experiences, and I appreciate you doing this. I guess the
smart-arses gain a little knowledge, then use it as a stick to beat
people with, thus helping them to cover up their inadequacies and sense
of inferiority. It seems to be a plague in our society, which is very
Brisbane, Australia