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Well, I don't see listening to web radio as stealing anything from
Listening to web radio is NOT stealing, contrary to popular

You use bandwidth and electricity. That IS stealing - in some
there's even a special law about that.

Not is is NOT stealing (unless you illegally crack someone's password
to do it). As long as you do not use an illegally obtained password,
cannot be considered stealing. It is NOT illegal to listen to web
from where, ANYWHERE, unless you break someone's password
to do it.

Wrong, using company resources for non-company reasons, and even the
time you get paid for while doing it, can be stealing in some cases.

It's illegal to violate company security policy in many
and does get people fired.

Fired, yes, but it is NOT a CRIMINAL offence, unless you do
something like illegally break someone's password to do it.

Wrong, stealing company resources is criminal in some areas. Turning in
time that wasn't worked is actually stealing in many countries, that's

Keep telling people that they can't be detected and when someone gets
fired for it you might just end up on the wrong side of legal case.

However, I have got a NEW trick up my sleave, which some people
seem to be ignoring in my posts. I created a subdom,ain, under my
domain, and have it pointed at the server that server I am currently
assigned to on the Live 365 network. Since the Live 365 players,
both the web-based player application and the Radio 365 client,
use the raw IP number to connect to a station. By creating a
subdomain and pointing it at the IP for my station, this will thrown
filtering software for a loop, when it goes to do a lookup on the IP
to see if its in any banned domains. What will happen now is that
it will see my domain, instead of, and allow my station
through, as well as any other Live 365 stations operating off the
same server (they have about 100 servers), even when the rest of
Live 365 is blocked.

And contraty to what some people might think, it is NOT illegal
in either Australia (where my radio station is based), France
(where my web server is based), OR in the United States (where
Live 365, my streamingf provider, is located), to subvert
filtering software in that manner.

Because of this, I can take down all the information I previously
had on subverting filtering systems, because I do all the leg-work,
and what I do will now be INVISIBLE to users AND their
network admins.

If the filtering software FAILS to block my station, becuase
it sees my domain, instead of the domain, then said
employee CANNOT be charged with ANY crime. If the filter
fails to do its job and block my station, then the employee CANNOT
be held CRIMINALLY responsible in ANY country. And creating
a subdomain with the purpose of subverting filtering systems does
NOT violate ANY law, in ANY country.