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Well, I don't see listening to web radio as stealing anything from the
Listening to web radio is NOT stealing, contrary to popular opinion..

You use bandwidth and electricity. That IS stealing - in some countries
there's even a special law about that.

Not is is NOT stealing (unless you illegally crack someone's password
to do it). As long as you do not use an illegally obtained password, it
cannot be considered stealing. It is NOT illegal to listen to web radio
from where, ANYWHERE, unless you break someone's password
to do it.

Wrong, using company resources for non-company reasons, and even the
time you get paid for while doing it, can be stealing in some cases.

It's illegal to violate company security policy in many states/countries
and does get people fired.

It's unethical to violate company policy in every country and company.

It's unethical to use company resources for personal reasons in every
country and company.

It's unethical to help people subvert company security and company
policy in every country and company.

In many countries and/or states, a person can be fired without reason,
and violation of company policy is the #1 reason people get fired.


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