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Blocking internet radio, if you already have a firewall, is simple and
almost always worth the cost to implement - the savings in productivity
is something you can measure.

Productivity? That depends on your typical employee. For my part, I am
generally more productive when listening to music -- My job is a flat
salary to complete 100% of the work that arrives. I do not have any
hour requirements, some days I work 3 hours, others I work 16.

My company has no specific interest in how long it takes me, just that
the job gets done.

Not everyone can handle the distraction, but speaking for myself, I
*need* the distraction for the few moments when I am waiting for the
system, otherwise I get distracted and do something else which doesn't
yield as easily as music.

And there are many ways to get that "Distraction" without using company

Indeed -- I bought this newfangled emm pee three player to handle my own
music needs. It's just like streaming radio, but a hell of a lot better
sound quality, and I can control exactly what plays.

In companies where they provide NO filtering, when it's implemented we
see/hear a lot of complaining during the first 30 days, and a general
decrease in productivity during that period, but, within a couple months
there is almost always a increase of 30% in productivity for those that
have access to the public internet. Additionally, implementing phone
logging and monitoring improves productivity also, but the increase when
filtering internet access is the largest increase typical.

I can imagine -- It depends on the individual, a lot of people can't
handle even minor distractions.

If quitters never win, and winners never quit,
what fool came up with, "Quit while you're ahead"?