SSL dual wan gateway routers out there?

Due to random lockup issues with our gateway security gateway 460R
(about once every week I have to reset the router as access inside the
firewall to the internet is cutoff.. cant ping the unit, though
offsite you can access the web access console with no problems when
this occurs)..

And also due to the fact that it seems with any Symantec Gateway you
have to use proprietary Symantec VPN client software to connect via
IPSEC (and they have nothing for x64 Vista)..

I've decided to start looking for alternative solutions, perhaps one
with aggregating wan ports too.

Price range.. ideally $600, but that could flex greatly if the device
was worth it.

I'm also trying to understand SSL VPN.. would this truely eliminate
the need for custom software on the remote side and be just as secure

So in short.. any thoughts on good alternative SSL VPN capable Dual
wan routers out there and thoughts on SSL vs IPSEC?