Re: Port function and scanning

NoSpam wrote:

Better scan yourself, i.e. using nmap. Port scanning web services are
b0rken by concept, because they cannot determine, if your machine has
open ports or if the network in between modifies traffic

I am not familiar with programming and related tasks.

Well, if you're not, then you should not fiddle around with network-related
tasks. Pay a competent service for doing so.

A Symantec scan has recently shown that all my parts are secure, except
the "ping" port, whatever that means.

Yes, that shows exactly what to think about this POS.

Your advice to use nmap seems to be a good one and I would like
to use it. There is however a learning curve involved. Before I climb
it, I would like to make sure nmap will serve my purpose. I have a
stand alone PC connected to the net through an ISP. Can I use such
a configuration to scan my own ports?

Now even that should be clear to someone with almost no networking
experience: No. Scanning involves sending requests and receiving replies,
now that's where you need a second machine (or someone carefully bouncing
all traffic forth and pack, but you won't any such machine).

That's why I recommended <>.
This is more or less an interactive web service for Nmap, even though it's a
little bit outdated.