Re: Is there a risk with firewalls?

First thank you for your reply Straight Talk.

Next the answers to your questions are: Win2000 Pro, Zone Alarm. Antivir
Guard is
installeld and up to date.

I know the following: the Antivir Guard tells me which file goes with the
Trojan. This file
is actuall there and was installed at the time of report. The Properties for
this file tells me
that the Administrator for the installation is my PC-designation. This file
has been created
numerous times and conisists of 8 letters, which are obviously chosen at
random and the
extension of the file is .exe.

This Trojan arrives shortly after the PC is turned. I am not sure, but it
may make its way after
the firewall is up. However one time it came in when the firewall still was
not up.

These are the essentials I can tell you and I am certain of them


"Straight Talk" <b__nice@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
On Tue, 19 Jun 2007 16:04:16 GMT, "NoSpam" <NoSpam@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

On my PC the startup contains the following sequence: first the DSL
connect is started up, followed by my firewall.

What firewall? What OS?

There is a gap in time between the two, which is being used to deposit a
Trojan onto my system. The Trojan is detected by
my Antivirus program and can be removed.

Sounds fishy. I bet it's there from the very start. How do you make
sure it's actually "removed"?

Question: Should a firewall not become effective BEFORE any connection to
the internet is opened??


If this is true, are there any firewalls which will do just that?

Windows firewall does. But if you're infected already you can't rely
on anything anyway. Then all bets are off.