Question for RedForeman

Got a question about a message you posted about a month ago in regards to
using Windows Firewall. I will paste what you said, (to refresh your
memory) before I ask my question.

Subject: Firewall recommendation?

If you are on an encrypted wireless, you're pretty safe, and if your
XPSP2 firewall is turned on, you're almost as safe as needed....

Running Comodo or ZoneAlarm can help but really only if you're fluent
in firewalls, they can get 'fat' and have too many rules, then you
can't even surf... which will lead to you cursing alot, and blaming
something... it happens....

You might just leave well enough alone.... being behind a NAT router,
you're hidden to a large extent, turn on your XP firewall and you're
pretty well off...

I use AVG, aVast, LavaSoft, and SpyBot... never had a problem with

as for a firewall, I like WatchGuard and SonicWall firewalls...



I'm not very knowledgeable on these issues so here's my question:

Even though a router will protect you from the outside, how can Windows
firewall protect me from the inside?

Case in point:
I share a linksys with my son. I am hard wired and he is wireless. I have
not been successful in teaching him basic security practices. (Who knows
what he does on that thing.) Being that I don't know much about these
things, I consider his machine to be untrusted. I have a firewall rule that
blocks anything from his address. Please tell me if I'm just being

I was considering dumping my current firewall and just using Windows
firewall. However, I can't seem to find a way to set rules to block his
address. Is it possible to do this? If not, would Windows firewall be able
to protect from an inside job?

Thanks for any reply,

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