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navti wrote:
wow. thanks. I dont have a stateful firewall. I have a SOHO firewall.
A Netgear DG834G to be precise,

What's that supposed to mean? Almost any SOHO firewall should do stateful
filtering, and a Netgear DG834G clearly should.

It allows basic packet filtering rules only.

This just means that you can't refer to the TCP states in your ruleset. A
bit limiting, but not relevant for your case.

So I have to open up outbound traffic to certain TCP ports.

Ehm... yes. I wonder why you even limited outbound connections.

inbound traffic is not an issue as BitLord will work quite happily
with outbound connections only,

Doubtful. But again, this is a case of RTFM.

inbound connections are not reqquired,

it works with outbound connections only.

if i open up TCP ports 6000-7000 i can connect to some peers.

if i open up TCP ports 1000-65000 i can connect to most peers

if i open up ALL TCP ports I can connect to ALL peers

therefore with my firewall (which doesnt allow me to filter by
application ) i surely must allow ALL OUTBOUND TCP traffic for BitLord
to work fully.