Re: Defending yourself against Nazi IT departments

On Sun, 22 Apr 2007 15:58:30 GMT, Bogwitch
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1. IT security is *NOT* an IT function. It is a security function.

In most organizations it is IT that handles the security function.

True. It doesn't make it right.


In most organizations 'security' doesn't mean the IT department, it
means the folks who look after opening and closing the building at
night. The folks who look after keys and passcards etc. The last $100
million company I worked at had a system of passcards that gave you
access only to certain floors and only during certain times of day.
This had the negative feature that with the restrooms in the common
area one often had to take the elevator down to the ground floor
before returning to your floor when working late. The alternative was
to put a small block in the door to hold it open which obviously was
frowned on by the security department.

Since then I haven't worked in any office with more than two floors so
am not really up on the current technology but none of the folks
referred to above worked in the IT department.

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