Re: Can't see very simple HTML pages with Norton Internet Security!!!!!

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And you cannot hold up ANY Linux UI against Tiger.

Depends on what you need. Actually, we're using Macs with OSX for all of
our non-technicians. I'm personally writing this on a MacBook Pro. But
for daily work, I prefer Fluxbox on Debian GNU/Linux (coming from
WindowMaker), because it's so much faster. Of course, I'm typting this
text into a terminal, which is connected via SSH to a Slowlaris machine
anyways ;-)

When will people wake up!? Computers are a means to an end. Who cares if
it's Linux, Windows or OS X. It has to be fit for purpose, do what it's
supposed to do.


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"Terror eignet sich mehr als irgendeine andere militärische Strategie dazu,
die Bevölkerung zu manipulieren."
(Dr. Daniele Ganser, 2005)