Re: Linksys WRT54G and Firewall software

On Mon, 26 Mar 2007 09:43:57 +0900, Gerald Vogt wrote:

Leythos wrote:
1) You don't need a personal firewall when you are behind a NAT device
that provides a private network without anything port forwarded.

3) The windows non-firewall included in XP SP2 will be more than enough,
but, if you take your laptop to other networks (school, work, friends) it
won't be enough in most cases.

That is not conclusive: The NAT does block (most) incoming connections.
The XP SP2 firewall does block all (most) incoming connections when
configured with no exceptions.

It blocks intrusions, but what holes does it have that have not yet been
exposed? What about the next one that's found and exposes the system?

Where is the difference which explains why something else then the XP
SP2 FW is needed elsewhere?

The NAT router is the better first line of defense when it can be used,
but, as the OP mentions wireless, well, you can't NAT a wireless
connection - what I mean is that the wireless connection is from the
router to the laptop, there is no intermediate NAT between the wireless
and the laptop - so, anything that makes it to the wireless also makes it
to the laptop unless it's got some form of localized firewall.

4) If you use your laptop on OTHER networks you really need to learn how
to check the Windows TCP/IP Settings, disable File/Printer sharing when
you are not home, and how to adjust/check the Windows XP SP2 non-firewall
settings for "Exceptions".

Again contradictory to 3): if you think you need something else than the
XP SP2 firewall in other networks and you are running a other brand
"non-firewall" software then the recommendation should be to check that
the XP SP2 firewall is turned off and the 3rd party "non-firewall" is
on. Two or more firewalls running on a computer result on average in
less security then a single one as it is unpredicted what actually is
blocked and what not and by which firewall which will jeopardize the
consistency of and state table in any firewall (as they are generally

I never mentioned another firewall application, not a single one, not even
suggesting it. Stop playing the old/tired mantra.

5) More important than a firewall, when behind a NAT router, is the
Antivirus software and your security methods - like not running as an
Administrator (best to run as a limited user), installing Fire Fox, not
using Outlook Express or Outlook if you use POP3 for email....

Most important to keep your system up-to-date and reduce the number of
software on your computer. The less software you are running the less is
vulnerable. The less software the less you have to check for updates
manually if it does not come with automatic updates. Subscribe to some
good security notification lists like the one from Microsoft or US-Cert.
Then you get timely notification of updates and you can update very quickly.

If you do all this you are very likely that your AntiVirus will never
ever report anything relevant and thus will prove itself superfluous.

So you mean that if you access email, through POP3, that you don't need
antivirus? So, you mean that if you download via FTP or other, since the
net has more than just MS and Cert, that you don't really need AV?

Come one, AV is mandatory, even as a limited user, for anyone running an
OS that can be exploited by malware.

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