Re: Linksys WRT54G and Firewall software

On Sun, 25 Mar 2007 16:15:40 -0400, R.User wrote:


I'm using a Linksys WRT54G with one wired PC and one wireless laptop. Do I
need to run firewall software also? I had been using EZ Armor FW and Virus,
but the desktop slowed to a crawl. After removing the firewall software
(accidently), it runs normally again. This PC isn't exactly a powerhouse,
but it's OK for my needs.

How bad is it (and how dumb am I) if I don't re-install the software FW? Do
I really need it, seeing as how both PCs are running behind the router?

Thanks, from an obvious amateur.

1) You don't need a personal firewall when you are behind a NAT device
that provides a private network without anything port forwarded.

2) Your wireless needs to be secured, if not already, to keep outsiders
off your Laptop and desktop - if you have exposed your wireless without
locking it down you have also exposed your laptop and your PC.

3) The windows non-firewall included in XP SP2 will be more than enough,
but, if you take your laptop to other networks (school, work, friends) it
won't be enough in most cases.

4) If you use your laptop on OTHER networks you really need to learn how
to check the Windows TCP/IP Settings, disable File/Printer sharing when
you are not home, and how to adjust/check the Windows XP SP2 non-firewall
settings for "Exceptions".

5) More important than a firewall, when behind a NAT router, is the
Antivirus software and your security methods - like not running as an
Administrator (best to run as a limited user), installing Fire Fox, not
using Outlook Express or Outlook if you use POP3 for email....

As you can see from the reply you got from SG, it's worthless, doesn't
explain anything, and has no content worth reading.

Let us know if you can do the above 5 items.

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