Re: Win xp sp2 firewall

Volker Birk wrote:
Mr. Arnold <"Mr. Arnold"> wrote:

You do know that there is more to a PFW or a personal packet filter other than application control. Yeah know, it's most important job is to stop unsolicited inbound traffic/packets from reaching the machine. It's a machine level packet filter.

If this would be all what "Personal Firewalls" would implement, then I
would not argue against them. Unfortunately, all of them I saw are
implementing futile crap and counter-productive nonsense, too. This is
the reason, why I'm usually recommending not to use such software.

Well, the one I do you use when my laptop is not connected to my FW appliance does just that. It does have app control that can be disabled, but it has none of the other snake-oil in it. I have used it for 7 years.

It does what I need it to do, which is stop unsolicited inbound traffic from reaching the machine. Not unlike the XP FW, which is not a FW either in my opinion but is a machine level packet filter as well, it cannot stop outbound packets either.

That's why I supplement the personal packet filter with IPsec that's on the XP O/S, which I would use to supplement XP's PFW/personal packet filter if I was ever in that situation, to stop outbound packets if need be.