Re: Win xp sp2 firewall

Gerald Vogt wrote:
Leythos wrote:

In all but one case where I've visited people using ZA/ZAP or other PFW
(not Windows XP SP2 FW), they've all been uncompromised and that includes
the people with several computers and no NAT router.

What I have just forgotten: How do you actually know that the computers where uncompromised? The PFW stops the dumb malware which is easy to detect. The good malware is much harder to find and sits there with or without the PFW...

This is to ridiculous. It's as if this person is under the assumption that he is the only one that knows anything. <g>

How does anyone know anything about possible malware running on the machine that's undetected? Well, they use other tools and don't lean on a PFW and Application Control in them like a crutch and he or she looks from time to time.