Re: Suggestions on a Hardware .:Firewall-Router:.

Gerald Vogt wrote:
-_- wrote:
I have recently had need to implement a blocked IP address (to test a software development issue, FWIW) on my Linksys WRT54GS Wireless Firewall-Router only to discover that my carefully configured rule failed to work properly. (Now I did my due diligence only to discover

Which hardware version? What settings did you try?

My firmware is current.

Good. Have you tried a factory reset and reconfiguring it?

I flushed my DNS cache (ipconfig /flushdns).

That has nothing to do with the blocking.

Not interested in trying hacked/alternate firmware(s).

Why not? They give you far better control than the stock firmware.

I contacted Tech "support". No joy from the offered script-reading technician.

Try e-mail instead. I eventually always got through to a real technician through e-mail.


The flush was one of the KB/forum remedies I discovered. Meh.

Yes on all the resets and such.

Hardware version 1.1

If not too likely to kill the box entirely, please suggest some good firmwares and I may try them with your comment so compelling.

Thanks again.