Re: Port closed but no firewall is running

adamczyk.kordian@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
> No, no such other software is running on my pc.

What are you talking about here?

How do you know something is not running that has that port in use on that particular machine.

Have you even looked with tools like the NETSTAT command on the O/S, Active Ports program (free) or TCPView program (free) to see what's using the ports
> And I have direct adsl connection to internet. As I said, other
> computer connected to usb adsl modem has no such problems. :(

Well, something got the port blocked, the PFW(s) may be blocking the port or something is running and has the port in use and you don't know it.
> I try to uninstall latest hotfixes from windowsupdate and see what
> happens

Nothing, you're fishing for straws.