Symantec 5620 : permit traffic entering and exiting the same interface

Hi friends,

I just had a basic question on configuring Symantec 5620 firewall. I
wanted to know what is the equivalent of Cisco command same-security-
traffic permit intra-interface in Symantec firewall.

The reason that I am asking is because the Symantec firewall is the
default gateway of a LAN Now, the firewall has a
static route to reach segment.

So, other computers / servers whose default gateway is Symantec
firewall will also talk to the network through the
Symantec firewall's static route to network. Right now,
they are not able to talk to network unless i create a
static route on the specific PC's / servers.

Now how can I avoid adding static routes on the individual PC's /
servers ? There should be a feature to allow the firewall to pass
traffic entering and exiting the same firewall's interface. The
packets are entering the firewall's inside interface and leaving the
firewall's inside interface. They are not touching the firewall
interface's public or outside interface.

Please advise.

Thanks a lot