Re: Reliable Dual-WAN router - Does such a thing exist?

"BJ" <slamrand.spammenot@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I'm working with a business that needs a reliable dual-wan solution since
they're preparing to move to an online ASP vendor for their
app (ticketing system for a live theatre). Small shop, need to support
maybe 10 online users, running SBS 2003 R2. They currently have DSL with
cheap consumer grade router/firewall, I am looking to add either satellite
or cable ISP to that. Primary need is for automatic failover if the main
connection goes down, but since they'll be paying for 2 internet
it'd be nice to have them both active and load balanced for daily use.
Would like to have them hosting their own email on SBS, so I'd configure
with MX records for both connections' IPs. Don't think any other issue
would arise from the load balancing, as long as the Dual-wan router does a
decent implementation of it.

Have looked at XinCom and Hotbrick, but have read enough negative comments
about each that I'm looking for second opinions about those and any other
good dual-wan routers.

Thanks in advance for all thoughts.

Netopia EN-3386 with the firewall option enabled has a nice failover feature
that is implemented badly. It does the failover to the backup just fine,
but you have to manually switch back to the primary.

Without implementing complicated routing protocols on a real router, what
you want is a low maintenance solution that would essentially test each of N
broadband connections by pinging upstream sites that can only be reached if
the link is up. Each of the N connections would have its own ping list,
and each ICMP list would be directed to its associated link alone.
Success of the link's ICMP traffic would constitute proof that the link is

You then want a way to establish failover and recovery policy that specifies
which links have priority for handling traffic, and when recovery of the
downed link occurs what is the action to take.

If you find a product that does that all correctly, and has the ability to
build some basic border router filter sets, please post the name of the
product. I've been looking for a long time and have found nothing very
well implemented or reliable to this specific purpose of failover on
redundant WAN connections. You would think such a product would be
popular, but apparently among the small business market there isn't a lot of
demand. Medium size businesses probably use real routers and routing
protocols, and it's ugly.