Re: Probleem with port forwarding

On 31 jan, 12:51, Leythos <V...@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
On Wed, 31 Jan 2007 03:40:07 -0800, shahin wrote:
Hi guys,

I need your help on port forwarding on CISCOrouter,
I am new to configuring CISCO router, any way I did configuer my
router, now I can internet and send and recieve mail, so this part is
I did try to open these ports on the router; 25 ,22,443,4002
and I did forward these ports to one of my servers. but when I try to
telnet any of these port I get no anserw at all or when I try to
access my server (SBS 2003) with remote desktop (port 4002)no
connection is made.
I send you a copy of the router configuration,maybe some of you can
see some mistake in it.
Please let me know where is the problem. ( I did change the IP's for
security reson).

RWW is 4125
Remote desktop is 3389
SMTP is 25
SSL is 443
FTP is 21 and 20, but it can also use ports > 1024 in some

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Hi Leythos,

thanks for update,
but you didn't anserw my question, is the configuration ok? becuse I
can not telnet these ports.