Re: Netstat

On Sun, 14 Jan 2007 23:32:13 -0800, Lew/+Silat wrote:
Im trying to learn about all this but need some help. So I hope this question is a good place to start.
What does the following mean?

it shows what ports are connected to what ip addresses.

Want to know what a port connection MIGHT mean. You can use these two sites: <== put port # of intrest here

I opened cmd and typed netstat.
If there are things wrong what am I supposed to do?

Get rid of the offending software opening the port. :(

Active Connections

TCP :1025 localhost:1137 ESTABLISHED
TCP :1137 localhost:1025 ESTABLISHED
Check the write up and see if you have any of the indicated services running.


That is your Usenet connection where you posted this message.


Guessing you have a browser open and connected to Micro$oft or it's
Micro$oft code calling home :(


Looks like a google search page connection. Maybe something in the
task bar.


On my Linux OS, that ip addy lookup shows
$ whois
Qwest Communications Corporation QWEST-INET-9 (NET-63-236-0-0-1) -
Qwest Cybercenters QWEST-CYBERCENTER (NET-63-236-0-0-2) -
Akamai Technologies, Inc. QWEST-BUC-AKAMAI (NET-63-236-1-128-1) -

So I'll guess one of the Micro$oft connections has a connection into
Akamai Tech. Why you ask, because I know Micro$not uses them to host
some of their servers. Linux server boxes as I misunderstand it. :-)

You can look up ip addresses or net block owner lookup somewhere like