Re: Looking for a Firewall for a Small Business

DevilsPGD wrote:
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"Bryan" <BTRichardson@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I've got a friend who owns a small business. He's got some employees
that like to surf the web a bit too much and wants to limit their
access to only a few sites. However, each employee needs to access
different sites, [..]

m0n0wall or pfSense would both do the trick.

i am fan of m0n0wall and sometimes of pfSense, but in this scenario,
they are a wrong solution. Both have no possibility of building groups
of IPs, so you have to build for every allowed IP and user a complete
rule. A PIX 515 could do the job, but can't handle static entries in the
DHCP-Server. One possible solution could be a Proxy (Squid) with
authentication and ACLs.



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