Re: Looking for a Firewall for a Small Business

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I've got a friend who owns a small business. He's got some employees
that like to surf the web a bit too much and wants to limit their
access to only a few sites. However, each employee needs to access
different sites, so the typical parental control feature doesn't work
so well. I've been trying to find him a firewall solution that will
allow him to specify rules specific to IP addresses (similar to ACLs in
a PIX I guess...), but all the router/VPN/firewall appliances I've
looked at (such as Linksys, D-Link, etc) seem to want to do URL/domain
limiting on a network-wide basis rather than based on IP. Short of me
creating a custom Linux firewall solution, does anyone know of a
product that would meet his needs? He doesn't need VPN, so finding
something without the VPN option would be great.

m0n0wall or pfSense would both do the trick.

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