Re: Need old BlackICE software

You sound about as bright as the Arnold the pig from green acres. But more like Sam
Drucker a country bumpkin who knows mostly about shoveling horseshit and hay.

"Mr. Arnold" wrote:

Tony wrote:
You talk a lot like the guy on this web site. The men in the white coats took
this guy to the mental asylum after he spoke to the FBI. Note what the lunatic says about black
ice defender. BlackICE Defender v2.5 ($39.95) ?

Did I ask you about all this?

I did not have a current copy of BlackICE Defender around, but I felt that
this was an important test. So I laid out $39.95 through Network ICE's
connection to the Digital River eCommerce retailer and purchased the latest
version (v2.5) of BlackICE Defender hot off the Internet. I had already
removed all traces of ZoneAlarm and restarted the machine, so I installed
BlackICE Defender, let everything settle down, and restarted the machine with
my packet sniffer running on an adjacent PC.