Re: outbound filtering

John Wilson wrote:
On Thu, 28 Dec 2006 17:23:56 +0100, Sebastian Gottschalk
<seppi@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

John Wilson wrote:

Where in the sentence "I'm sure the O.P. and others on this forum also
appreciate your contributions." do you see "Internet forum"?
And what is context?

There's nothing about the context that limits the meaning of "forum"
to mean "Internet forum" or, as you seem to want to further limit
things, "web based forum".

We can continue this as long as you like but you should be aware that
your ineptitude is quite obvious to readers for whom English is their
first language.

It occurs to me that someone who pretends to be an English language
expert might also pretend to be an expert in other areas.

Hey, I'm missing Mr Nasty already - I'm un-filtering him now!

Jim Ford