Re: outbound filtering

Leythos wrote:
jaford@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx says...

Thanks for your informative and considerate response, Lethos - a complete contrast to the spiteful and vituperate replies by Sebastian Gottschalk. I'm sure the O.P. and others on this forum also appreciate your contributions.

Careful, if you say nice things about me SG will kill-file you as a troll :)

Really, I design secure network for a living, at the medical, government, intel, military levels, and have never had a compromised network. I'm sure the SG and his group could help if they were not so stuck on their own importance.

Let me know if you need anything else.

I recall I did not see mention of port range 1024-1030 as blocked or
otherwise restricted, even though some ports in that range seem to
gather considerable non-solicited attention:

There are particular applications like instant messaging clients etc.
using some of them, but still, does blocking that range prevent
Windows from working otherwise? I seem to do well enough without them.