Re: Zone Alarm vs Kerio Firewall

On 12/23/2006 10:39 AM, something possessed Scott to write:
I'm using the free Zone Alarm v2.6.362 as a firewall on my Win95, 98, and XP computers on my home wireless Linksys network. I'm testing a
trial version of the new Kerio Firewall by Counterspy on my XP laptop.
The interface is a little confusing, as far as understanding what it's
accomplishing. Can anyone give me an opinion as to how much better
Kerio performs as a firewall, compared to Zone Alarm?

I've used both, and in my opinion, Kerio is the better product (but I think ZA takes less resources, though I could be mistaking). With Kerio, eve though it's a "trial" version, it is free after the 30 days are up, you just lose web-content filtering (which I don't even use with AdblockPlus and FF). Some neat things I like about Kerio that ZA doesn't have are: an integrated utility similar to sysinternals TCPMon, and internal monitoring that ZA doesn't provide such as alerts when a process has recently changed or when a process is doing something to another process. Also, with Kerio, you can set port access rules in addition to Program-access rules. Anyway, I hope this helps.