Re: teach a lession to invaders

Robert wrote:
Bit Twister wrote:

Is there a app. to that could invade the guys that try to conect to
your computer?

So, a zombie hits your puter, you retaliate and your abusive behavior
is reported to abuse@xxxxxxxxx Who won?

I think before this answer can be given more detail must be provided.
For example what the heck is, and what do they do? Looking
at the web site there isn't much there.

The OP SC was/is using the free newsserver aioe to post. I think BT
misunderstood aioe to be the OP's connectivity provider - so s/he was
imagining that the OP's retaliation would somehow be traced back to the
OP's provider account.

There is a point there, but it doesn't have anything to do with aioe.

Mike Easter