Re: Sonicwall newbie question...

woody wrote:
Actually, I have one more question, if I might be allowed to pick your
brain once more. I added the nat'd address to the new public IP, and
created the rule to allow from the LAN to the NAT'd address.
i am assuming this is a typo and should be WAN
worked, and I was able to remote to the machine. Now, however, when I
try to access the server internally via a network share, myself and
anyone else that is trying to do so are not able to.

network share in your LAN has nothing to do with rdp access from outside and
Any ideas why this might be? I didn't think the new NAT and Access
Rule would affect local LAN traffic, but it appears to do just that.
the nat and access rule from wan to lan only affect your access through the firewall (obviosly)

so, if your you are not using the DMZ interface and client and server are in the same segment, and you are using the correct internal adresses, you'r problem is not the sonicwall.