Re: Sonicwall newbie question...

Could this have something to do with my internal address not showing up
in my firewall ARP table? And why wouldnt it? I can access from
anywhere on the LAN.

mak wrote:
woody wrote:
not necessary - it's called "terminal service" and predefined

Yes, mine is predefined...

i would call it object ,(network-address objects-custom objects)
you need three:
2a) the internal host
2b) the external ip address of this host to be reached,
2c)also the admin host in the internet,
that is supposed to access your internal host

I don't have these options... under Network I have the following:

One-to-One NAT
Web Proxy
DHCP Server

looks like you have standard OS:

if your WAN Interface is NAT enabled:
go to network- one-to one nat-add: private and public adress and range lenght 1
(you need a separate public IP from your providers pool)

go to firewall-access-rule-add:

action: allow
service:term serv
source: WAN ip_of_adminhost_in_the_internet (range begin and end is identical)
dest:LAN ip_of_internalhost_

that's it,
if it doesn't work, check your logs



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