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Ansgar -59cobalt- Wiechers wrote:

warf <warf@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I thought it is easier for a late [slow] starter in inet
security/privacy with a desire [like me] to understand a small[er]
kernel stripped of the foliage [OE,IE] to control the workings at a
lower level than the overwhelming layered and linked system that is
XP and...HP.

I don't think that something like win95lite is really going to help
with that. I'd say the first thing you need to understand is the
fundamentals of operating systems (kernel, processes, memory
management, files, filesystems, ...) and networks (Ethernet, TCP/IP,
ports, sockets, OSI- layers, major application layer protocols, ...).
That's the basis for making any even halfway educated decision
security-wise. IMHO.

I'm getting right on week I'll have a few questions

Maybe it would be more practicle to put that effort into Linux?

You may find it easier on Linux (or maybe a *BSD), because Microsoft
tends to make things overly complicated, and with Linux you also have
the source code (given you're capable of understanding it). However,
it's not really dependant on the operating system. I learned the basics
on Windows before doing my first steps with Linux.


Thanks for the support. I guess it is time to leave home and set out on a new course...the linux course [ of course]
Then there is still the matter of internet protocol...
PS, i gave you the nod in a different thread with Sebastien regarding your comments about making a 'safe' internet.
I think maybe the dedicated , user unmodifiable approach we had in the early years may in fact be the only way. as long as everybody can have a go at it they will. Compatibility will tank again but then at least we can or mailable and adaptable [but hackable]
I know there will always be a subset of society bent on defeating that inherent safety but at least it would be limited to the experts. By shear reduction in the number of people and modes to watch it would be much easier than the open ended 'have at it because we all want our cake and eat it to' way of making all connections generic.

I was very opposed to the early proprietary crap we had but i wan
t aware of what the trade off would be .... much like child soldiers are to war, educated and bored kids outnumber the 'pro's.

I'll gracefully step aside now and see what I can learn of linux.
Till then, thanks for the advice.

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