Re: Sonicwall newbie question...

not necessary - it's called "terminal service" and predefined

Yes, mine is predefined...

i would call it object ,(network-address objects-custom objects)
you need three:
2a) the internal host
2b) the external ip address of this host to be reached,
2c)also the admin host in the internet,
that is supposed to access your internal host

I don't have these options... under Network I have the following:

One-to-One NAT
Web Proxy
DHCP Server

I don't see anywhere in these options where I can add a custom object.

i would call it NAT (network-nat policies), where you define which service is nated to where (external object to
internal host)

Again, i don't have nat policies.

4). Cretae a rule which allows public ip access to local ip on rdp=3389
create a rule WAN ->LAN which allows terminal service access- from your admin host (2c) to
EXTERNAL address defined in 2b
5). Apply rule to external interface for filtering traffic.
6). Try doing RDP from public machine

this aplllies to enhanced OS, if you have standard OS, you have less options,
(no fancy objects, no PAT...)
but basically same concept.