Re: X-no-archive, what is it good for? (was: CLI app - allow access?)

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Vanguard wrote:

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[X-no-archive header]

Google just carried on the tradition from Deja News that they

Not every tradition makes sense.

So why are YOU participating in that non-sensical tradition by using
"X-no-archive: yes" in YOUR headers?

Because it makes Google hurt themselves (which is fun), and it doesn't
disturb otherwise?

You just make yourself look foolish, like the dufus in a fight that is losing the fight, can barely stand, and mutters past his bleeding lips at the victor, "Oh yeah, you thinks that hurts me, huh, huh." Google will parse EVERY post that it receives to check for the header and will set an attribute for that post to make it eligible in their auto-expiration process. I think it is 6 days that a no-archive post will hang around. Your piddly attempt to hurt Google is like you spitting in the ocean to raise the sea level. You aren't hurting anyone but yourself in making yourself look foolish. I suppose slapping a paddle into the ocean could in some miniscule way affect the tides but no one cares and no one will notice and everyone will just think you are a nut that is splashing around in the ocean.


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