Re: Your thoughts on my network security.

On Thu, 7 Dec 2006 23:36:25 +0100, Sebastian Gottschalk
<seppi@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Osiris wrote:

cut&paste don't always work with passwords....

It does.

you haven't seen much of the ICT world then...

Too bad that I manage all my passwords via copy&paste. Especially in my
local machine. I wonder why exactly copy&paste shouldn't work there...

You don't have state secrets on your machine, do you ?

What's that stupid question supposed to mean?

I have to spell everything ?

You're imposing something like "oh, it's not so important, maybe you should
leave away some security measures". This is blatantly dangerous. A proper
attitude would be to always practice and use the same strong security
mechanisms regardless of the situation - thus you'll never have to think
about if it's actually worth it, but therefore you can't make any wrong
decision towards weaker security.

limiting factors are, amongst others:
1: price,
2: effort to be invested
3: knowledge to be acquired
4: value of data
5: time = money
To ignore these factors is blatantly stupid.

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