Re: Your thoughts on my network security.

On Thu, 7 Dec 2006 18:17:14 +0100, Sebastian Gottschalk
<seppi@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Osiris wrote:

a completely random 63 character password WPA-PSK (example key:
C>KgRiKC_1ftZ:_]\!1T6`Q]>OX,3|92P.AdCXiZFy!c%bn4mR?SC i3W-BeLOq) mean that

How in the world are you going to retype that password ?????

I'd say: never.

cut&paste don't always work with passwords....

It does.

you haven't seen much of the ICT world then...

You don't have state secrets on your machine, do you ?

What's that stupid question supposed to mean?

I have to spell everything ?