Re: Low power, quiet least expensive firewall option

On Wed, 06 Dec 2006 19:52:21 -0800, justin.seiferth@xxxxxxxxx wrote:

Am looking for an ipaq or similar sized unit which can server as a
firewall (need to be able to be equipped with two NICs). I figure
there's some old duron or celeron model that will fit the bill but
don't know enough about all the older network appliance and thin client
options to know what to look for. I'll be putting Linux on it so I can
have logging and use IPTABLEs and NAT. My old duron with it's roaring
fans and 300W power supply works great but the noise and size of the
thing is getting me down. Suggestions?

Try Soekris, they have some nice little boards and cases.
Going there myself very soon for the same reasons
- (size/noise/power consumption)