Re: Most sophisticated free firewall?

After all that..could we have a top 5 best free personal firewalls?


Sebastian Gottschalk wrote:
Ansgar -59cobalt- Wiechers wrote:

Kayman <khkay@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Leythos wrote:
" was very interesting to see a few things:

1) Windows firewall failed all test :) "

Which isn't very surprising, since the Windows-Firewall doesn't do
outbound filtering, and doesn't claim to do it.

Actually it does (to capture state information for related connections) but
allows all traffic by default. My only problem with is that this should be
an explicit rule, just like we add it to many other packet filters by

Leythos' statement above is equivalent to "A-ha! Windows notepad fails
at detecting viruses!!1eleventeen". Duh.

Actually it does: Just open the binary in Notepad and browse a bit around,
you'll easily find strings table and import sections which can give you
somewhat good evidence for malicious activity.