Re: svchost.exe

"Sebastian Gottschalk" <seppi@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
BrianF wrote:

2. It's not even arrogant, it's just the truth.

That's the excuse used by all arrogant people. What they don't understand
(have never been taught) is how to tell the truth in a diplomatic way.

Huh? This was the diplomatic way. I respectfully pointed out the problem
his misconception.

Respectfully? I don't think so and, as you can see, another poster has also
commented on your tone.

Prejudice against Outlook Express users is just such arrogance.

What prejudice? Outlook Express and security being mutually exclusive is a
well-known fact,

Well-known to a relatively small band of IT-savvy individuals; not to most
non-technical users.

so that why I should not expect any serious security advice from OE users.

Which OE user is giving security advice?