Re: Erratic LAN problem with TPF

Ken Knecht <kenkknot@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
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Ken Knecht <kenkknot@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
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Ken Knecht <kenkknot@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I've never been able to get the LAN to work at all when the XP Home
firewall is enabled. I keep getting permission errors.
Maybe you want to post your problems here in detail.
What details should I add to my first message, besides OS is XP Home?
Waht "permission errors" are you getting when you're doing what
"\\Kenneth\c is not accessible. You might not have permission to use this
resource. Contact the administrator of this service to find out if you
access permissions.
The network path was not found."

This does not sound like the Windows-Firewall. This must be something

If you're getting this on another computer, then maybe you mean that you
cannot access network resources on the computer with the
Windows-Firewall enabled. This is the reason, why one wants to have the
Windows-Firewall: no network services. If you want to have an exception
here, you may allow file service for your computer by configuring the

If you have a setup with a local LAN, then it would be a very good idea
to have a filtering NAT router at the gateway, though.

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