Re: Tiny Personal Firewall Replacement?

On 13 Nov 2006 19:59:28 +0200, Volker Birk <bumens@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Let me quote your own words:
'I offered tips for protection here many times already. Maybe you
want to read my postings in this group.
Maybe it's time for a FAQ.'

It's obvious that you have some comprehension problems.

And it's quite obvious, that you have some quoting problems.

Quoting problems? You don't seem to understand plain English. You
did not seem to agree with my quoting Leythos saying that there is
need for a FAQ:

'If they put half as much energy into building a FAQ that could be
posted every month, they might actually be helping people, but they
appear to be to stuck on how important they think they are than to
spend real time helping real people.'

You only offered the silly reply:

'If you know how to use a usenet archive, then you'll find such
explanation in this group.'

'Maybe you want to maintain the FAQ then, "GEO", right?'

To which I quoted yourself saying the same:

' Maybe it's time for a FAQ.'

Your replies go further and further away from the topics of the
thread. How about if instead of insults you do reply to the point. If
you think that a FAQ is needed and security is your hobby, why don't
you write it. But you are saying that a FAQ is needed, and also that
it is not needed, that people should just use a search engine of some

Since I have said nothing whatsoever about personal firewalls, I
don't see where you last comments fit on with what I have said. Just
because you have disagreements on the topic with Leythos have nothing
to do with the need (or not) for a FAQ.