Re: 64-Bit Software Firewall

Sebastian Gottschalk wrote:
Grimscythe wrote:

On Oct 29, 5:10 pm, Crispy Critter <n...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
On 29 Oct 2006 05:58:31 -0800, Grimscythe wrote:

Programs like ZoneAlarm have served me very well on my old 32-bit PC
and I'd like to stick with them now.How have they served you any better than the one that already comes built
into the OS? You already have a firewall in your router so why do you feel
you need another one wasting resources and causing connectivity issues?
Simply because Windows Firewall is inadequate for my uses.
I need outbound connections being scanned as well as inbound.

I does scan outbound connections.

Anyway, ZoneAlarm never served you well. And you not noticing, not even
trying to notice them by an audit, shows that you don't have the technical
competence to make such judgements.

First of all, I did run several "audits" on my pc and all of them
claimed that my pc was secure. But anyway, if you believe that personal
firewalls are so horrid, why don't you give me a suggestion as to what
I should be using. I have a hardware firewall built into my router but
it's not very customizable as far as I can see.